Working On My Innermost Complications


Working on my innermost complications
Mechanical therapy with the help of this machine
Delving into the trenches of my battered soul
Returning with perspectives I might have never seen


They Said You Were Crazy


They said you were crazy

To fall for a guy like me

That I wasn’t good enough

Happy, you’d never be

But every single day

I’m working to be the best

Focused on our shared life

& I’ll let the Lord take the rest

I’m Working 60 Hour Weeks

car-repair-362150.jpgI’m working 60 hour weeks
& I’m barely breaking even
This weight of stress
Collapse of a soul quite deceivin’
I need an outlet
Someplace quiet to go
To find my proper words
& allow my mind to slow


Every Day I’m Working On My Soul


Every day I’m working on my soul
Trial & error to recover the purity of this heart
I’m not always proud of my checkered past
But the moments aren’t offered a la carte
I need to keep moving in spite of failures
Keep my legs churning until the sun shines
One day I will succeed in my own eyes
Wherever I go, I take a hope & love of mine


Outlawed Poets Writing Of Things We Cannot Discuss

Outlawed poets writing of things we cannot discuss

Hiding out from society for all these years

Push them further away from anything real

They’re no longer human, those aren’t real tears

Becoming everything you never wanted to be

When did you become the instrument of all this pain

Working the outskirts of the foreign cities

You’re gonna be lost when it finally starts to rain